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eTotalHost Affiliate Program


eTotalHost is the premiere affiliate for niche online dating and subscription based content delivery sites. Webmasters can earn commissions using our Affiliate Program to get paid for sending traffic to our sites. It's fast, simple, easy to use and you can start earning per subscription today.

Affiliates who bring traffic to our sites resulting in a sale are paid 25% of the amount of a sale to a new customer.  The customer may or may not subscribe immediately, but you will be paid commissions on the first sale regardless.  When you sign up, we give you a link to our sites that will give you credit for forwarding traffic to us.  Every click-through to our sites is recorded and trackable by you on your sales page.  You can choose the sites that are a best fit with your customers, or forward traffic to all our sites.  We can provide a variety of banners that fit the style of your site and can develop new banners for you, should the need arise.

There is no risk to you.  Contact us if you have any questions about the program.